It is our aim to ensure that clients of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services Pty Ltd are provided with the highest level of professional service at a commercially competitive cost.

At Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADRS), our objective is to help all our clients to resolve any construction disputes, commercial disputes or engineering disputes. It may involve adjudication, expert determination or arbitration, but we always provide the highest levels of professional service at a price that you will find commercially competitive. With our vast experience in ADR, alternative dispute resolution, we have worked in several industry sectors, including:

  • resolving building and construction disputes and dispute avoidance
  • resolving mining and gas industry disputes
  • resolving engineering disputes
  • resolving commercial disputes and dispute avoidance

All organisations will invariably experience disputes at some point, but they are more common with commercial entities where matters of quantum from thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars value go unresolved and fall into dispute. With such significant sums in dispute, independent alternative dispute resolution utilising adjudication, expert determination or arbitration dispute resolution processes is adopted. Some of the significant benefits of adjudication, expert determination or arbitration dispute resolution processes over litigation include:

  • the capacity to select an appropriately technically qualified independent neutral
  • flexibility of the proces
  • rapid and economical resolution of the dispute; an
  • confidentiality of outcome.

ADRS have vast experience in handling building disputes, construction disputes, mining industry disputes and gas industry disputes, providing commercial dispute resolution or dispute avoidance. ADRS are a respected provider of technically qualified independent neutrals.

Our experience as a provider of fully integrated contract dispute management along with our extensive knowledge of project management, engineering, quantity surveying and legal solutions, means ADRS have all the skills required to provide fitting solutions. Although other companies offer dispute resolution, few have the qualifications and experience to match what ADRS have to offer. Our independent ADR, alternative dispute resolution, services are available to individuals, private and public corporations.

Over the years, we have used alternative dispute resolution to help hundreds of clients who were perhaps experiencing similar circumstances to those you find yourself confronted with. We have experienced abundant disputes associated with building and construction disputes, mining and gas industry disputes, engineering disputes and commercial disputes subject to alternative dispute resolution processes. We fully appreciate that every situation is different, but by utilising our extensive knowledge, experience and skills, we can typically assist in the resolution of the dispute.

Of course, tact and diplomacy are essential as well as the need to be good listeners and articulate communicators, even in the most challenging of situations. Skills in providing natural justice and procedural fairness can only be fully honed through experience, and knowing what procedures to adopt to suit the circumstances of the dispute. Naturally, we will work closely with you at all stages of the dispute resolution process and we will ensure that you understand the relevant process, rules and procedure.

If you would like more information about our independent alternative dispute resolution services or the adjudication, expert determination or arbitration dispute resolution processes, or you would like help with a building dispute, construction dispute, mining industry dispute, gas industry dispute, commercial dispute or dispute avoidance; our professional team are available to assist you. You can call us on 0400 005 192, email or [contact us] directly via our website. We look forward to assisting you to obtain a fitting solution to your dispute resolution of dispute avoidance needs.